Frans Bjørn-Thygesen

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Kort om Frans Bjørn-Thygesen

I am working with leadership in a broad range of disciplines and projects based on master degree in different subject areas and 25 years experience as a Company manager, academic lecturing and collaboration with partners: ► Infrastructure development and business travel facilitator ► Consulting and management ► Business Strategy, policy making and action planning & implementation ► Coaching and mentoring ► Outplacement and HR ► Transition Management ► Research in BSS, Business and Social Science ► Business Development & Innovation ► Lecturing and supervision ► Market management, Branding and Marketing Advertising My interests are focusing on developing international business in Networkrelations with skilled people and on a sustainable basis. I'm working in respect to value caracteristics like; open, honesty, business minded, meaningfull and fair - with ambisious goals and focus on Development and Growth in Business and People in optimal harmony.

Midtjyllands Lufthavn A.M.B.A.

Midtjyllands Lufthavn A.M.B.A.
N. O. Hansens Vej 4
7470 Karup J

96625102 - 97100665


Levering af samarbejde og Leadership ved sparring om optimale rammer for infrastruktur og fremme af erhvervsvirksomheders innovative udvikling og bæredygtige transformation i netværkspartnerskab både nationalt og internationalt.

Branche: Bæredygtig erhvervsudvikling i partnerskaber